BBC Monitoring International Reports - August 4, 2006 Friday

Excerpt from report by Belgrade-based Radio B92 on 4 August

Belgrade, Zagreb, Banja Luka, 4 August: The 11th anniversary of Croatia's military Operation Storm was marked with a commemoration in St Mark's Church and a gathering in Nikola Pasic Square [in central Belgrade] today.

Following the commemoration, a protest walk from St Mark's Church to Nikola Pasic Square was organized by the Association of Families of Missing Persons from Krajina [part of Croatia formerly with Serb majority]. A resolution was read out in Nikola Pasic Square to several hundred Serbs from Croatia and the families of those killed and missing in the Croatian army operation, demanding that "Croatian officials - for the sake of peace, reconciliation and a shared life - reveal the truth about 'Storm' in which genocide against the Serb people was carried out. This should be done".

B92 has acquired a video recording compiled by the Hague prosecution showing the events on 7-8 August 1995. The video shows how members of the "Black Mamba" Croatian paramilitary unit and "Hamza" platoon of the Bosnia-Hercegovina Army settled scores with Serb soldiers but also civilians who were leaving Krajina. The participation of the latter in Operation Storm is less well known. This tape of war crimes was made with an amateur camera and those who taped it are the participants themselves.

The video recording contains a scene of the murder of an ethnic Serb who surrendered and was sitting on the ground with his hands up, the torching of houses of the exiled population from an area extending from Glina to Dvor na Uni and the abuse of elderly persons, refugees from the intercepted column.

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Source: Radio B92, Belgrade, in Serbian 1511 gmt 4 Aug 06

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