Witness K2 gets lifelong protection
Beta - March 4, 2003

BELGRADE -- Tuesday -- The Hague Tribunal has informed the Belgrade District Court that witness K2, who was involved in the murder of Zeljko Raznatovic, would be provided with lifelong protection, said a judge of this court Dragoljub Djordjevic.

The Tribunal has refused to reveal the identity of witness K2 and to give the court access to the evidence given by this witness in the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at a hearing closed to public, writes the daily Blic.  

Witness K2 told the court that he is a former member of the Serbian Interior Ministry’s Special Operations Unit and that he was involved in Raznatovic’s murder.

"They have given us one hundred pages of his testimony, in English, but only from the public hearings”, said Djordjevic.

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