Anti-terror expert says 9/11 mastermind stayed in Bosnia
BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - January 24, 2009 Saturday

Text of report by Bosnian Serb public Television (Banja Luka) on 22 January

[Presenter] One of organizers of the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on 11 September 2001, Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, had stayed in Bosnia-Hercegovina and there are Federation security bodies' documents about this. This was announced by a member of expert team for the fight against terrorism and organized crime for southeastern Europe Darko Trifunovic. Khalid Shaykh Muhammad stayed on the territory of Bosnia-Hercegovina together with terrorists Navaf al-Hamzi [as heard], Muhammad Ata and Khalid al-Migdan [as heard].

[Darko Trifunovic, member of expert team for fight against terrorism and organized crime for southeastern Europe] It is important to finally launch the investigation about 11 September and identify who participated in this. Although it was found in the [US] Congress documents that three terrorists stayed in Bosnia-Hercegovina, not a single official institution of Bosnia-Hercegovina carried out an official investigation. It is evident that there is a paralysis of the system. It is evident that some people within the system want to systematically cover up what had happened, which is the link between Bosnia-Hercegovina and international terror.

Source: Bosnian Serb Television, Banja Luka, in Serbian 1830 gmt 22 Jan 09
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