BBC Monitoring International Reports - November 26, 2007 Monday

Text of report by Serbian private independent news agency FoNet,

Pristina, 24 November: The Pristina-based [tabloid] Express reported today that the Arabic organization Islamic Heritage Revival Society, which the US and the UN characterize as an organization linked to terrorism, is operating in Kosovo as a humanitarian society.

According to the paper, the Bosnia-Hercegovina judiciary is looking for the head of this organization, Utam Alihadidar [name as received].

Although former organization members told Express that it had not been operating in Kosovo for some time, the paper has managed to find reliable documents confirming that the organization is still active in Kosovo.

Express quoted an anonymous police source as saying that this Islamic organization was being constantly watched in Kosovo.

"Police are monitoring them and watching their every move," the source said.

Representatives of the Kosovo Islamic Community said that such organizations, even when Arabic, had nothing to do with religious organizations.

Source: FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1239 gmt 24 Nov 07
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