Bosnian Serb PM sends letters of support to Israeli president
BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - January 19, 2009 Monday

Text of report by Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation public TV, on 17 January

[Presenter Sanjin Beciragic] [Bosnian] Serb Republic premier Milorad Dodik has sent a letter of support to Israeli President Simon Peres, expressing understanding for, as he called it, the difficult position in which Israel and its citizens find themselves. At the same time he expressed his full support for efforts to secure peace and security for the people of Israel. The letter says that the RS [Serb Republic] does not endorse the anti-Israeli protests and events organized in the other part of B-H [Bosnia-Hercegovina], i.e. in the Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation.

Mr Dodik perhaps needs reminding that Israel has killed more than 1,000 civilians in Gaza so far, including 300 children.

Source: Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation TV, Sarajevo, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 1800 gmt 17 Jan 09
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