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Scott Taylor, Regarding a Secret Plan by the Western Alliance for Kosovo


During the next few weeks there will be an artificially provoked attack, bigger than 17 March, the borders around Kosovska Mitrovica will be closed, Serbian leaders arrested, the Serbs disarmed, the city handed over to the Albanians in the KPS, claims a well-known Canadian reporter and author of a number of books about the Balkans.


- NATO is preparing a blitzkrieg on Kosovo which will enable them to tear down the Serbian resistance in the whole area and as early as the next few weeks will artificially provoke another attack, bigger than 17 March, will close the borders around Kosovska Mitrovica, arrest the Serbian leaders, disarm the Serbs and then hand over the city to the Albanians in the KPS. Since the border between Kosovo and Albania doesn’t exist, after this plan the northern part of “Greater Albania” will definitely be secured. American and Albanian leaders have come to a “deal” that NATO secures new borders and everything that I have seen in this, my most recent, visit to Kosovo proves that such an agreement, about which we found out from secret UNMIK papers, really exists – says Scott Taylor during his interview with Glas, a reporter from Canada who has followed the Kosovo crisis for years and who, based on more than twenty visits to the province, claims that nothing quite like this has happened before. UNMIK and NATO know the truth about the suffering of the Serbs and the creation of a Greater Albania, but they intend to listen to the dictate of America, says Taylor and he adds:


- This time I met a number of people in UNMIK who know the truth and who have evaluated the situation, who pass on their advice, but their suggestions are ignored. They know what really happened on 17 March and they were critical about it, and now they are seeing that a new plan exists, which will give rise to even more violence and they are impatient to let others know what is ahead – maybe to soothe their own consciences. This is what they are saying…


- They were expelled, and the customs buildings were burned. Now they have come back, and the American and French troops are in place and preparing to close the customs borders. They intend to use UNMIK’s police with the consent of KFOR to arrest the Serbian leadership, so that the Serbs will be provoked. Their aim is a response, a reaction – we can recall how it was the last time, but now they want to respond with more force. For this action they will use Polish and Ukrainian troops who will move in an aggressive military attack on Mitrovica. The goal is to eliminate the Serbian leadership, to elicit a provocation in order to pronounce what is called “martial law” when they close the Serbian part of Mitrovica and disarm the Serbs while the borders are closed. And then, under those conditions, to hand over Mitrovica to the KPS.




The Galluci document (UNMIK’s head for the Mitrovica sector) states that there are not even attempts to enable the return of the Serbian KPS police; that was an open and later forgotten issue. They know that the Serbs will fight against this and they want just that kind of provocation, which will give them the excuse to use additional force. But they came to this idea of using the Poles and Ukrainians because they have shown sympathy to the Serbs. If the Serbs fight back, which is the idea, then this will blacken the image of Serbs in the Ukraine and Poland. Therefore, they have come up with a plan which brings them gains from every perspective – and will leave the Serbs without leadership as well as undermine international support for Serbia, says Taylor.


Serbian Elections are going the way they want.


- The elections are coming and Kosovo is an important question for all sides. If they close that question by closing the borders, deploy the Albanians and maintain KFOR reinforcements at customs, there is no Serbian politician who can win with a campaign of fighting NATO. Serbs might be self-destructive, but not to that extent. That’s why they want to finish this quickly. Going into the enclaves, one by one, is a long process, and if they eliminate Mitrovica, the enclaves are finished, because they will shrivel up and die. 


“Wild West”


- In Kosovo the situation is such that nobody knows who is in charge. UNMIK is practically finished, it has no mission any more because its assignment is to enforce Resolution 1244, and that no longer exists. KFOR having entered with the task of protecting the UN and Resolution 1244 has converted into the protection of independent Kosovo. The German NATO soldier with whom I spoke, and who is in his third tour in Kosovo, says that NATO will securely remove itself from Kosovo only after a minimum of another ten years because there is still no progress. Eulex has the manpower, but wants the area cleaned up before they take over.


May Elections are Kosovo Elections


- The reason for these elections is that Kosovo should remain part of Serbia. The Americans know that, if the Serbian electorate shows that nationalism is alive and well, taking away something from somebody will only make that person even more determined. Therefore, they are counting on the window they have from Election Day until June or September, that is, until a strong enough government has been formed to take over this action in the UN. They have the whole summer to take care of such cleansing. Russia is an unknown to them, because if she commits again the same kind of thing as at Pristina airport, it could take them out of the equation. Even now we have countries that recognize, those who do not recognize and those that are undecided about Kosovo. That, to Americans, Germans and the British, is a problem because they are in the minority in a big world. The Muslim world has not accepted their embroilment in Kosovo. Next to every Kosovo flag is the American flag. How would the Arabs, who so hate the “great Satan,” like the creation of this American satellite? Even the Albanians won’t disassociate themselves from the U.S. On the hotel in the middle of Pristina is a replica of the Statue of Liberty.


The brain behind this operation is the same man who planned 17 March. The goal of that attack was to test the Serbs, in order to better plan strategy for the final takeover of Mitrovica and crushing of the Serbian struggle in the whole of Kosovo and Metohija?


- Everyone now looks toward the battlefield of Mitrovica, what the Serbs can do, whether they will offer a fight and how far they will go, what are their chances? NATO, that is, the Americans lead the project, but Larry Wilson of UNMIK’s police is the ringleader. He was an assistant, then head of the operation, and now he is the “boss.” Seventeen March was his plan, and now he’s come up with a new one. To support my words, I have a Galluci document, which describes the old tactics of counting arms:  you commit a small attack and you see where the guns are. Then you make a plan. That is how they provoked the Serbs, tested them, and now they know how long it will take you to react, how many people you can get out into the streets, what you are prepared to do and they know what to expect. But the attack is likely during the next few days or weeks.


Do you have evidence that UNMIK and NATO are actively and consciously creating a Greater Albania?


- We hear about it, but every official in the world will cover his ears and say that he knows nothing about a Greater Albania. However, when you look around in Kosovo, you can see that every flag is Albanian. Very few represent Kosovo, and even then, next to them are much bigger Albanian ones.   It is very clear what is going on and the Albanians, themselves, have never lied about their intentions, just as they now proclaim their plans for southern Serbia and Macedonia. Their leaders have made agreements with the Americans, and our sources have confirmed to us that Hashim Thaci, together with the regional leadership, including Alija Ahmatija in Macedonia, was convinced at a meeting with the Americans to give NATO a chance. That is how they came to agree that the Albanians should keep a low profile, and that NATO would take over control of the borders. Everything that I have now seen in Kosovo supports this story and the work that NATO has done as its part of the bargain.


Essentially, Mitrovica is the main test for the creation of a Greater Albania, that is, the fall of the whole province?


- I hope that there won’t be any fatalities, but there will certainly be a big attack, because they cannot throw the Serbs out of Mitrovica unless they conquer them. A big test is coming – if Mitrovica falls, the enclaves fall with it.


That would then be the northern border of Kosovo, and the southern border would, in fact, no longer exist as such, because the way would already be opened to a Greater Albania?


- I have seen that the southern border does not exist, that it’s completely open, I went down to the place where one should be able to see it, but KFOR, who should be acting as border police, behave like traffic conductors, just as one of them, a German, joked, himself. He says that every vehicle goes through freely, and their only concern is to avoid traffic congestion. The roads are open wide, drugs pass through freely. We were in Gorani villages, in Orchusa, for example, where we were unsuccessful in trying to find any kind of border limit. There is nothing, no line, no fence, nothing, just one German soldier who went to the place where there should be a border, gestured in plain air where the border should be.


The Creation of a Greater Albania


What did the Gorani say, are they loyal citizen of the southernmost tip of Serbia or are they in the middle part of a Greater Albania? How does UNMIK treat them?


- Yes, loyal to Serbia and they get their pensions from Belgrade, but it is obvious that Kosovo and Albania are one country, Albanians, from Albania, mind you, not only steal their stock from Kosovo, cows, horses, and what is very significant, they freely cut forests. If Kosovo regarded Albania as an adjoining country, not the same country, they would protect their resources, but I saw for myself that the Albanians have no problem freely taking the Gorani’s forests and in destroying the region, and it tells me that this is Greater Albania. NATO knows what is happening and they said that they have vehicles that can go up hills where they can see those that steal well enough to see the color of their eyes. We could stop this, but nobody will – that’s what they told me. NATO, if it wanted, could, but cannot act independently of Kosovo’s parliament, that is, the Albanian leadership. Everybody knows there are no borders, but nobody will close them. We have the same information in secret documents we have received from our sources in UNMIK.


Are there Russian volunteers such as the Albanian media writes about? Are there Albanian “volunteers?” How do these fit into the plan for Mitrovica?


- There are no Russian volunteers, but NATO needs provocations in order to create an attack and that is why on the Albanian side we have the coming together of “undesirables.” In the past there were extremists on both sides, and I believe that the Albanian paramilitary formations were started in opposition to the enclaves, should the Serbs in Mitrovica form a resistance. But I think that that would work against NATO’s strategy and that the world would see through this – if the media showed the truth. But NATO will renew its principle with which it succeeded on 17 March when one Ukrainian died, and another 63 from NATO were injured.   That was shown immediately, but the violence against Serbs was not shown. Even now the focus will stay on Mitrovica and the Serbs who throw stones. 


The international community has easily accepted what UNMIK and NATO did to the Serbs on the 17th of March, will the same deceit succeed in the case of a larger attack?


- That day they tested the world community. Attacking Serbs did not touch many and the sympathy was entirely with the wounded NATO soldiers. They now know that they can do it again.


You say that NATO is in a hurry to seal the “blitzkrieg” on Mitrovica. If they run into unexpected problems, it could become prolonged? You, yourself, say that the Russians are inclined to spoil their plans.


- Well, Russia maintains the strong position that only 34 countries have recognized Kosovo, and the rest have not. The general meeting of the UN is in September, and if NATO doesn’t succeed now with its plans, there is a chance for Serbia that the talks will resume about the partitioning of Kosovo. It will hurt the U.S. position – if Serbia brings up a cooperative resolution and shows that she still pays pensions to people in Kosovo…


Author: Diana Miloševic


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