Kosovo Albanians open fire at car with British tourists
ITAR-TASS News Agency - June 15, 2006 Thursday 03:48 PM EST

By: Mikhail Kozhemyakin

BELGRADE, June 15  - Albanians opened fire at a car with British tourists near the town of Jakovica in the west of Serbia's much-troubled province of Kosovo, diplomats at the British mission in Kosovan capital Pristina said.

A total of two British nationals were traveling around Kosovo in a car rented in Belgrade. The misfortunate incident occurred when they encountered an automobile cortege with a wedding procession.

Upon seeing automobile with a Belgrade number plate, the Albanians opened sporadic fire at it from pistols and hunting guns, which inflicted heavy damage on the car.

Kosovan mass media indicate the Britons had a narrow escape - they jumped out of the automobile and took hiding in a nearby forest until police arrived at the scene.

Kosovo law enforcement agencies launched an inquiry into the incident.

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