Karadzic-Holbrooke agreement
Kurir (Belgrade) - August 1, 2008

BELGRADE - An agreement between Radovan Karadzic and US special envoy Richard Holbrooke that has been the subject of speculation for more than a decade was definitely signed, and went into effect in 1996! The exclusive document, signed by both negotiators and according to which the Americans [sic] guarantee Karadzic safety and freedom in exchange for withdrawing from public and political life, has only three sections.

In the section "obligations" which went into effect after a period of 90 days after the date of signing, Karadzic undertakes to submit his irreversible resignation from all state and party functions.

"Until the moment of his resignation Radovan Karadzic will not make party or state decisions nor influence others to make them, if they concern the following decisions: 2-1 war operations on the territory of BH [Bosnia-Herzegovina]; 2-2 dislocation of the civilian population; 2-3 international agreements - military, security; 2-4 to the appointment of state, party, regional, local officials; 2-5 dislocation of funds [lit. financial means]," it is said in the first part of the document.

The second part of the agreement relates to the obligations the USA government undertakes upon itself, such as providing security for the leader of the Bosnian Serbs, financing and even housing. The US administration, as well, promises that it will in no way influence the officials and leadership of Karadzic party, the SDS [Serbian Democratic Party].

"The US government places the sum of 600.000 dollars in local currency at the disposal of Radovan Karadzic. The US government places at the disposal of Karadzic a housing object at a location previously agreed upon. The US government places at the disposal of Karadzic a security team of not less than six persons," [the agreement] details the obligation of the other side.

The concluding part entitled "joint provisions" states that in case that Radovan Karadzic does not honor [lit. imperils] the agreement, this would be treated as "serious undermining of an informal agreement" and sanctioned. In the end it is said that "the agreement can be dissolved consensually or upon the initiative of the US government".

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