Vecernje Novosti: Radical groups get ready for insurgency in southern Serbia
MakFax - December 20, 2004

Pristina - Ethnic Albanian radical groups are getting ready for a new "17 March" but this time the unrest will take place in southern Serbia not in Kosovo, Belgrade's daily Vecernje Novosti says.
The same sources say the leaders of the so-called Association of Veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the Albanian National Army (ANA) have already worked out a plan on "Awakening of the Presevo Valley".
In order to put the plan in motion, the KLA and ANA veterans have boosted the firepower and also mobilized their compatriots. Furthermore, the ongoing training in terrorist camps in Kosovo nears completion.
The radical Albanians will call for support from the former members of dismantled Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac (UCPMB) in the "new war" in southern Serbia. The former UCPMB members will take advantage of the new conflict to secure an ultimate solution to their status in Serbia, which will be only foreplay in the great finals - proclamation of Kosovo's independence.
"Even the foreign diplomats are well aware of this bloody scenario. They are facing a dilemma on how Serbia can respond to attacks by ethnic Albanian gunmen," Vecernje Novosti says.
The Serbia-Montenegro's top military officials have been also informed about the plan, and the security forces in the region have been put to highest state of alert, the paper says.
Military analysts reckon that ethnic Albanian groups stationed in southern Serbia possess 600.000 to 900.000 pieces of weapons including large quantity of explosives and military equipment.
The $300 million worth of weapons have been procured by the Albanian Mafia which has close ties with IRA, ETA and al-Qaeda terror cells in Bosnia, Turkey and other Islamic countries. The paper claims that members of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) and the so-called Albanian National Army (ANA) forged ahead with training in inaccessible regions of Drenica, Kamenica, Podujevo and Bajgora Mountain near Mitrovica.

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