Serbia demands independence for Republika Srpska
MakFax - 16.06.2006 09:15

Belgrade - If Kosovo gains independence, then the Republka Srpska (RS) should be granted the same right, President of Coordination Center for Kosovo, Sanda Raskovic-Ivic told RS television.

"If Kosovo and Metohija gain independence, then the same right should be granted to RS, Trans-Dnestr region, Aphasia, Catalonia...", said Ivic for TRS.

According to her, there are around 50 locations undergoing frozen conflicts but they are only "frozen on the surface, while beneath is boiling".

"If we want to have, indeed, a short fuse for the planet, and if someone from the international community refuses to see it, to create a common confusion everywhere and to open 50 more conflicts, then the best way to do that is to grant independence to Kosovo", said Raskovic-Ivic.