Radio Belgrade 1300 gmt 1 Jun 92

Text of recorded interview with Slobodan Milosevic, President of the Republic of Serbia, by Momcilo Boskovic in Belgrade on 1st June 1992

[Boskovic] A news conference at which journalists were informed about the results of yesterday's elections in Serbia and Montenegro has just ended. Judging by what we heard, the turnout was surprising. Mr President Milosevic, could you comment on this?

[Milosevic] The elections have clearly shown the people's view that they themselves should decide how they want to organise their state. At the same time, they represent a response to foreign interference and a domestic reaction to this interference, particularly to the anti-election campaign, which ended up in a fiasco with such a turnout by the people.

The political forces that are against the unity of Serbia and Yugoslavia have been politically defeated. Regardless of the support that they have received with this unprecedented pressure from outside, the people showed with the elections that they want to hold their fate firmly in their own hands and not to give it to any one else. All those who voted gave their vote for Serbia and Yugoslavia, regardless of the party or individual they voted for. Just because of that, these elections are of enormous importance for our country, for democratic processes, because we will have both a ruling party or parties, if a coalition is formed, which does not matter, and an opposition. They will all be orientated towards Serbia and Yugoslavia.

[Boskovic] President Milosevic, does this mean that one could expect a multi-party government?

[Milosevic] It is quite possible, although we still do not know the outcome of the elections. As we all know, the government is decided on by a parliamentary majority. In any case, my view is that it would be good if all the parties that enter the Assembly are invited to offer their best candidates for the government. All patriotic forces in the country should be united and elect the most able people to the government.

[Boskovic] One more answer please. Does the world really believe that Serbia has carried out aggressions against Bosnia-Hercegovina?

[Milosevic] The world believes what it is told. Those who are making decisions know very well that we did not carry out any aggression against Bosnia-Hercegovina, that there is a civil war there.

[Boskovic] Who is currently taking care in Serbia to overcome the effects of the sanctions?

[Milosevic] There is no doubt that we are all taking care about this, but above all the government and business community. However, the most important thing for us is that the truth reaches the world, because only in this way can the false accusations about aggression against Bosnia- Hercegovina be refuted, and thus the sanctions fail, too.

[Boskovic] Thank you very much

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