Serbian Radio, Belgrade, in Serbo-Croat 1455 gmt 20 Aug 93

Text of recorded interview with Slobodan Milosevic, President of the Republic of Serbia, by Dusan Cukic; in Geneva on 20th August

[Cukic] Mr President: Strenuous talks have taken place here in Geneva for the second day. You hardly ever had a break. However, little information reached the public as to what was discussed. We know about the division of territory and the creation of three new republics within the former Bosnia-Hercegovina -

[Milosevic] The talks have been completed. We now have a complete package: the constitutional agreement, the maps, the military agreement, everything, therefore, that constituted the contents of a complete, overall solution for Bosnia-Hercegovina. I will not speak of the details now.

We expect (changes thought) - it has been agreed at the meeting that has just ended that the map be published in the course of the day so that our citizens will be able to see what proposals are being put forward. They are already familiar with some parts of the document, but we expect it to be published entirely in the next few hours. For this reason I will not dwell on the details. All three sides, which now have the complete package of the overall solution for Bosnia-Hercegovina, have undertaken to go to their parliaments and decide there on acceptance or possible objections to the solutions offered, so that the final agreement could be reached in Geneva on 30th August and the matter finally and formally brought to an end.

[Cukic] During the last few days, weeks and months there have been numerous [word indistinct]. Even the delegation of [changes thought] - I must say this as we have reported it on several occasions - Mate Boban criticized Alija Izetbegovic extremely openly in front of the reporters for stalling the talks. Could another such stalling element exist in this phase?

[Milosevic] Regarding the obstacles, there are definitely some, always, since it is evident that powerful outside factors exist that do not wish this major crisis zone in the Balkans to be finally closed. However, I am convinced that this reasonable, honourable, fair and just compromise that has been achieved in the talks so far, represents a firm and solid basis for finally reaching an agreement and that the residents, and also the assemblies, I believe, will embrace this compromise as a way towards peace and a way that will reaffirm the interests of all three nations in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

[Cukic] Mr President, does it stem from all this, can I conclude, that you are satisfied with this, I would say, the final round of the talks on the former Bosnia-Hercegovina?

[Milosevic] Doubtless, the entire talks can be assessed as successful. Since you have asked, I can state that I believe that the entire agreement, that is, its contents as a whole, including the constitutional agreement and the maps, should be accepted.

[Cukic] Thank you.

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