The Mujahedeen Fabricated in Belgrade and Zagreb?
NOVO OSLOBODJENJE - September 28, 2004

By: Jovica Ajvazovic

“The Special Department for fighting organized and economic crime and corruption in Sarajevo will soon receive a new legal jurisdiction – processing of the war crimes, committed in BiH,” “Novo Oslobodjenje” learns from the BiH Prosecution since the indictment for war crimes was submitted to the BiH Court against Abduladim Maktouf, a BiH citizen of Iraqi origin.

The indictment changes him with participation in kidnapping and transport of five civilians in Travnik in 1993. After several beatings in the camp of the Al Mujaheed unit in the village of Mehuric near Travnik, the four of them were released to their homes while the fifth one, Travnik’s Serb, was slaughtered and then decapitated.

“The new BiH Penal Law says that the Special Department for fighting crime and corruption within the BiH Prosecution, led by John McNair, will receive cases from The Hague Tribunal,” the Prosecution confirmed. The Hague’s consent was first obtained for Maktouf’s arrest, and the Special Department Prosecutor, Jonathan Smith, received the case.

“The Maktouf case is the first one in a series of criminal prosecutions in war crimes cases, which will be conducted as this Department expands and receives cases from The Hague Tribunal,” the Special Department Chief, John McNair, emphasized prior to departing for The Hague for consultations with The Hague Tribunal.

How weak the Bosnian jurisdiction had been before John McNair was appointed to the head of Special Department is indicated by the information that on May 31, 2002, the former Investigative Judge to the BiH Supreme Court, Jasminka Putica, who resigned in the meantime due to pressures regarding the Pogorelica case, issued an order to the FBiH MUP members, KS and SBK Police to conduct a search of Maktouf’s firm “Palma” in Travnik. Even then Maktouf was suspected of smuggling narcotics and technical merchandize from Europe and Pakistan and being involved in suspicious financial transactions.

Several police officers were also arrested in Travnik, who were suspected of dealing Maktouf’s drugs. The police did not find Maktouf then, who hid himself in Canada. He came to Bosnia briefly and from time to time from Canada in order to supervise his business.

Due to affiliation and connections with Maktouf, the judiciary was investigating involvement of former member of the BiH Presidency, Halid Genjac, who is laying low now as the SDA delegate to the BiH Parliament House of Peoples. There is no doubt that hundreds of Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists live in BiH. Alija Izetbegovic’s authority gave Bosnian citizenship to them and supplied them with passports and other documents often to several names and addresses.

Despite to growing belief of domestic and world public in evident friendliness of the Muslim authorities and their parties towards the Mujahedeen, who committed mass war crimes in Bosnia during the war, right after Maktouf’s arrest and announcement of new trials, the President of Silajdzic’s SBiH Presidency and Minister for Civil Affairs to the BiH Ministry Council, Safet Halilovic, announced a famous replacement of theses – the story about terrorism in BiH are fabrications of Belgrade and Zagreb.

“Terrorism in BiH is politically inspired. Those, who prepared genocide and aggression on BiH, spoke about it in the 90’s, which was exceptionally analyzed by Norman Ziegler in the book, titled ‘Genocide in BiH,’ where he proved that certain structures from Belgrade produced false fear from terrorism in Bosnia primarily connecting it with Bosniaks and their affiliation to Islam. Of course, this should have served as an alibi for aggression on BiH. The identical situation happened in Zagreb,” Safet Halilovic said.

He emphasized, “Even during the full siege of Sarajevo and BiH, when a bullet could not pass let alone a man, it happened that certain individuals were ‘imported’ in Bosnia. They were prepared by certain intelligence agencies in order to compromise the fight of Bosnian people against aggression and genocide in BiH under iconography of Islamic fighters.”

Well, Ziegler’s allegations about fear from terrorism, as well as views of those “structures from Belgrade and Zagreb” came absolutely true during the Bosnian war.

Approximately 12,000 Mujahedeen from Islamic countries arrived to Bosnia, and Alija Izetbegovic handed over a green war flag to them in Zenica in 1993 and confirmed gathering of Islamic fundamentalists in Bosnia with a video footage, made at that gathering.

One does not even have to explain who “got confused” in all that – was it Halilovic, who claims that the Mujahedeen arrived through the “structures from Belgrade and Zagreb,” or Izetbegovic, who handed over the flag to “wrong” slaughterers and executioners.

It is unexplainable why the OHR and the HR to BiH, Paddy Ashdown, known as the “quick man,” still have not reacted and removed Halilovic from such a responsible state function because of absurd claims.

Source: NOVO OSLOBODJENJE (Serbian Paper from Sarajevo) - 09/28/04; Page 10
Translated by: U.S. Army Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Cell, ACofS G2 MNB(N)

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