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Written by: Andy Wilcoxson
Research by: Pieter Vervaeke

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The photos that you see above were all taken on January 16, 1999 in a gully near the Kosovo village of Racak, a KLA stronghold surrounded with trenches and bunkers. According to NATO propaganda, and the Hague Tribunal, Yugoslav security forces had massacred Albanian civilians there the day before. NATO then used the Racack ‘Masacre’ to sell it’s forthcoming war against Yugoslavia to the public opinion.

Members of the KLA regularly wore civilian clothes.
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The Yugoslav government claimed that the only people killed  in the vicinity of Racak were members of the KLA, who had been engaged in combat activities against the state security forces, which launched an anti-terrorist operation on the 15th of January. The Yugoslav Government claimed that the KLA took its war dead and placed them in the ditch, in order to make it appear as though a massacre of civilians had taken place. KLA forces were regularly fighting in civilian clothes.

Now take a good look at the photos. According to the website of the so-called "Kosova Crisis center," Photo 1 was taken by the Kosovo-Albanian newspaper KOHA Ditore on January 16th (WARNING: explicit images!). You can see that it is still quite early in the morning. There is still frost on the ground and the sunlight is coming from a low angle.

Now take a look at Photos 2 and 3. Both are part of prosecution exhibit 156 in the Milosevic "trial" at the Hague Tribunal. Both photos were taken later in the day on the 16th of January by members of the OSCE's Kosovo Verification Mission. Photo 2 is a close-up of the same man, and Photo 3 shows the same man again as Walker is arriving on the scene with his delegation.

Can you spot the difference between the two pictures? In Photo 1 the man is not wearing a cap, and in Photos 2 and 3 somebody has placed the traditional white Albanian cap on his head.

Photo 3 was a topic of discussion at the Milosevic "trial" on April 15, 2002 when Slobodan Milosevic was cross-examining William Walker's assistant, Karol Drewienkiewicz (Page 3118, line 14 of the transcript):

MILOSEVIC: You saw the photograph of Walker with the whole team of people next -- and the Albanian next to the body with the Albanian white cap on the man's head. How is it possible for somebody to be hit in the head and have his cap remain on his head, which is like the shell on an egg? When people jump out of their shoes when they are hit in this way, whereas this man has his white cap intact on his head. Did you have in mind that this could possibly be a rigged scene for television purposes and the distribution of bodies there and how they were piled up?

DREWIENKIEWICZ: That was -- that certainly was one of the thoughts that went through my head as I was going up the hill. By the time I had seen the bodies and the way they were piled together, I concluded, to the best of my knowledge, that they had not been moved, that they had been killed where they lay. That was my opinion at the end of my time on the top of that hill in the gully, and it remains my opinion. And if I was a terrorist, I wouldn't go around with a white hat on.

MILOSEVIC: Well, that's precisely what I'm claiming, that he didn't go around with a white hat on but that somebody placed it on his head afterwards, because forensic experts say that from a shot of that kind and a wound with that kind, your eyes would pop out let alone a cap being displaced from your head. He wasn't born with a cap on his head.

DREWIENKIEWICZ: It was my view at the end of my time in that gully on that hill that those people had been killed where they lay. I did not think the bodies had been interfered with.


Unfortunately, Slobodan Milosevic did not have Photo 1 in his possession at the time of that cross-examination. Photo 1 proves that the bodies had been tampered with, and that somebody put the hat on the man's head after the fact.

Another interesting excerpt from that same transcript (Page 3095 beginning with line 18) shows that the OSCE had to pass through the KLA's trenches in order to even get to the so-called "massacre" scene:

MILOSEVIC: And do you know that the entire village was encircled by trenches and bunkers, that they were all round the village, and even behind the village, towards Jezerske Planine, the mountains, there was another line or row of trenches?

DREWIENKIEWICZ: I am aware that there was one quite long trench, probably about between 50 and 80 yards or metres long, that I walked over on my way up the hill to the gully. That was the only trench that I was aware of.


The alleged "massacre" scene was on territory controlled by the KLA, and the photos prove that the bodies were being tampered with. In light of this information it seems highly likely that the Yugoslav government was telling the truth and that the scene had been rigged.

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