Serb radio says Bin-Laden's logistic man currently in Bosnia
BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - March 6, 2009 Friday

Text of report by Bosnian Serb state RT RS Radio, on 5 March

[Announcer] The Western security services think that Said Atmani, head of the terrorist logistics, is on the B-H territory, under one of his false identities, which he acquired thanks to the B-H security and intelligence services.

Domagoj Margetic, a member of the anti-terrorism expert team for Southeastern Europe, has stated that Atmani coordinates terrorist operations of the international terrorist network. According to Margetic, certain intelligence analysts assessed that Atmani's logistic network had been reactivated in Bosnia-Hercegovina in recent months. Its increased activities set the alarm bells ringing in the Western intelligence services, indicating that international terrorist operations and attacks were being prepared and organized again, with the logistic support of the terrorist network in Bosnia-Hercegovina. He stated that Atmani did not have a permanent headquarters in Bosnia-Hercegovina but, according to the intelligence sources, he was visiting Bosnia-Hercegovina and moving freely on the B-H territory, together with his close associate Safet Durguti.

Source: Bosnian Serb radio, Banja Luka, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 1500 gmt 5 Mar 09
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