In September of 2002 the Republika Srpska Bureau for Cooperation with the ICTY issued a report about the alleged massacre in Srebrenica. The report relied on UN documents, International Red Cross documents, BH Army documents, and photographic documentation. The report, which had been destined to be part of a larger final report, exposed the official Srebrenica story as a fraud.

Needless to say, the Muslims and the so-called "international community" were furious that the Srebrenica story had been debunked. The Serbs weren't supposed to expose the story as a fraud, they were supposed to confess so that nobody would have to try and prove the Srebrenica story with evidence. The Serbian confession was supposed to be the proof, and by debunking the story those dastardly Serbs messed-up everything.  

Paddy Ashdown, who is for all intents and purposes Bosnia's dictator, was furious at the Serbian disobedience. He condemned the report without even reading it. He sacked the leadership of the commission that wrote the report, and he demanded that another report be written.

According to a report issued by the International Strategic Studies Association, Ashdown and his cronies at the OHR demanded that a fabricated report be issued in which Serbs blindly accepted the all blame for everything that the Muslims accused them of at Srebrenica.

After hand picking a new commission, and firing everybody who would dare to question the Muslim version of the Srebrenica story; Ashdown, not surprisingly, recently got the report that he wanted.

But for Ashdown one problem exists. The original report of September 2002 still exists, and it still proves that the Srebrenica story is a fraud, and no amount of phony extorted "confessions" can change that.

Ashdown has been lucky so-far, because only 500 copies of the original report were ever printed. This makes it a very hard document to find, and keeps it largely inaccessible to the general public.

But Mr. Ashdown's luck has ran out. We have managed to obtain a copy of the forbidden 139-page report. We have scanned it, and now we are making it available for you to download and distribute all over the internet!

SREBRENICA REPORT, September 2002 (15 Mb) PDF File
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