Update From The Hague
www.slobodan-milosevic.org - May 12, 2003
Written By: Andy Wilcoxson

The so-called "trial" of president Slobodan Milosevic is on a one week break and will resume on 19 May 2003, when the so-called "witness"
Fadil Banjanovic will resume his testimony. Banjanovic says that he intends to "look in Milosevic's eyes and remind him of what he had done during the war."

According to the May 3rd edition of the Bosnian paper "Dnevni Avaz," Mr. Banjanovic has said that he will use the opportunity of going to the Hague to visit his friend Naser Oric.

Naser Oric's men raped underage civilian girls from their own side forcing Muslim women trapped in Srebrenica to cross the battle field and seek the protection of the Army of the Republika Srpska (More Information). Naser Oric also had a taste for filmmaking as evidenced by the following excerpt from the February 16, 1994 edition of the Washington Post:

Nasir Oric's war trophies don't line the wall of his comfortable apartment-- one of the few with electricity in this besieged Muslim enclave stuck in the forbidding mountains of eastern Bosnia. They're on a videocassette tape: burned Serb houses and headless Serb men, their bodies crumpled in a pathetic heap.

"We had to use cold weapons that night," Oric explains as scenes of dead men sliced by knives roll over his 21-inch Sony. "This is the house of a Serb named Ratso," he offers as the camera cuts to a burned-out ruin. "He killed two of my men, so we torched it. Tough luck."

Reclining on an overstuffed couch, clothed head to toe in camouflage fatigues, a U.S. Army patch proudly displayed over his heart, Oric gives the impression of a lion in his den. For sure, the Muslim commander is the toughest guy in this town, which the U.N. Security Council has declared a protected "safe area."

Perhaps the time for toughness in Bosnia is nearing an end. The problem, though, is that hundreds of men like Oric who still want to fight dominate all three sides in this 22-month-old war. Nobody controls them; they have access to plenty of weapons and lead many young men. (End Excerpt)

Fadil Banjanovic is typical for that so-called "prosecution." This so-called "witness" is best friends with rapists and killers, and he has the gall to come to that political theatre they call a "court," and preach at president Milosevic.