Police foil bomb attack in Sarajevo
The Times (London) - October 24, 2005, Monday

By: Nick Hawton in Sarajevo

EMBASSIES and foreign organisations in Bosnia have stepped up security after police in Sarajevo arrested two men who were apparently preparing to carry out a suicide bomb attack.

The two, who hold Swedish and Turkish citizenship but who are believed to have come from the former Yugoslavia, are said to have been under surveillance for some time.

According to sources close to the investigation, they were carrying explosives when they were arrested in the suburb of Ilidza on the outskirts of Sarajevo. One report said that the men were planning to attack the embassy of a European Union country.

Weapons and explosives were seized from two buildings that have links with the unnamed men, aged 18 and 20. At least one of them is alleged to have recorded a video reciting Islamic prayers that was intended to be found after his death. A third man, a Bosnian, was arrested and is being held at a separate facility.

There are 7,000 European Union (EUFOR) peacekeepers stationed in Bosnia, including several hundred British troops.

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