Wahhabis are financed by Jews - Bosniak politician in Montenegro
BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - October 16, 2006, Monday

Text of fifth report in a series of texts by R.T, B.C. and A.S. headlined: "Veskovic: Tool of Western services" by Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti on 15 October; subheadings as published:

Bijelo Polje/Rozaje - "The Wahhabis and the Wahhabism as a religious movement were not brought here by the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina. They are being recruited in the diaspora, particularly in the Western one. I met representatives of the Wahhabism even before the Bosnian war. Considering the fact that their origins can be dated back to the second half of the 18 century, one cannot link them to Al-Qa'idah and the mojahedin. They are really a foreign body within Islam, used as tools by Western intelligence services, supported by Jewish money in order to cast a negative light on Islam as an intolerant and radical religion which is a danger to the modern Western civilization," Rifat Veskovic, chairman of the Democratic Union of Muslims-Bosniaks, has told Vijesti.

According to him, Wahhabis are recruited among those who are not very fond of work and are "willing to be paid a few hundred euros every month by their bosses in order to disseminate anti-Islam propaganda that harms greatly all members of this religion, no matter where they might be".

"The Wahhabis are not basing their activities on Islam as the most modern religion, but on retrograde positions, returning to the very roots of this religious movement and its most radical goals. Not a single manifestation of the Wahhabi movement is aimed at following messenger Mohammed A.S. and his teachings. The Wahhabis are operating according to a pyramidal organization, both institutionally and in any other way. The pinnacle of the pyramid is located in some Western centres of power and our young men in their short trousers and with their trimmed beards, our women wrapped and covered, turned into modern slaves - are not aware of this," Veskovic said, adding that the Wahhabis "are not, at least for the time being, dangerous fundamentalists".

"If those who surround them, both clerics and laymen, do not oppose them most determinedly, they could be dangerous tomorrow. I fear that we see them as more harmless than they are and that we underestimate their role and intentions. The Wahhabis are leaving the phase of passive Islam learning behind and entering the phase of direct clashes with those who do not agree with them," Veskovic concluded.

Senad Agic, main imam of the USA Islamic community, also describes the Wahhabism as a rigid interpretation of Islam, "a militant one, which rejects any new thing and every single thing that enriched the Islamic tradition".

Back in 2001 Agic was warning Bosniak officials that a failure to take action against the Wahhabis could cost them their lives. He says that the Wahhabis are an organized religious sect which originates from Saudi Arabia and spreads its influence by financing new mosques with oil money.

Attacked imam in mosque

According to Veskovic there are many cases of clerics and believers being attacked in many municipalities of Sandzak [area straddling the Montenegro-Serbian border with a significant Muslim population]. "They have to be faced first by leaders and believers of Islam and then by all those in the area. This had to be done through a direct dialogue and confrontation of arguments for and against the Wahhabism as a faction of Islam, i.e. as a phenomenon that causes grievous harm to the member this religion. If none of these attempts is successful and if they fail to restrain and prevent this bad Islamic trend then the force of state can be applied," Veskovic pointed out. Last year in Bijelo Polje [town in northern Montenegro] there were two cases of Wahhabis attacking Islam priests. The first cases happened in May, when an imam was attacked in the local centre of Lozna during a divine service. Before that groups of young men with beards started with provocations during funerals, asking that the service be held according to some new method of theirs. After "the close encounter" with the Wahhabis the imam had to be treated in the Bijelo Polje hospital and the police identified the attackers. We do not know whether they were punished for their actions. A similar case happened in the Rasovo mosque, where a Wahhabi, after being warned that he was disrupting the religious service, attacked the imam in front of the mosque after it was over.

Wahhabis' house rules

No man, barring the father, brothers or the husband, is allowed to see the face of Wahhabi's wife. When a Vijesti female journalist visited the family house of a Wahhabi, she and her driver were very cordially received by the head of the household. His wife was in an adjoining room the whole the time and she was knocking every time when she wanted to give prepared food to the husband. After the guests were offered coffee, juice, cakes, black currant and mulberry fruit just picked for that occasion, the husband invited the driver to join him outside so his wife can enter the room and talk to the journalist. The husband returned soon and the guest remained outside to wait. They explained that this kind of Islam behaviour is based on the need to protect the women. "You never know when a passion between a man and a woman can be born and what can arouse it - woman's face, eyes, hair or any other part of her body. She needs to guard her beauty and reveal it only to her husband. Due to these reasons a woman and a man who is not her brother, father or husband can never be together in the same room," the husband explained.

Source: Vijesti, Podgorica, in Serbian 15 Oct 06, p7

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